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Bye Bye PMS Box

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₱995 ₱695
  Convenience of having your period care delivered to your door so you don't have to make that mad dash to the store.
  The Bye Bye PMS Box is ideal for heavy days to the lighter ones. We'll make sure you're well equipped just in time for your period.
  Includes pads, tampons, feminine hygiene products, pampering items, chocolates, with encouraging notes, and much, much more. 
  100% Cruelty FREE!
  Healthy and sinful comforting snacks.... YUM!
  Be part of a growing army of women that supports each other!
  Receive unique items you can't easily get from supermarkets
  Contains carefully selected items to nurture yourself, to empower you to be your best and to tap into what makes you feel confident.
What's in the box?
 Menstrual Essential( Softex Pads/Ladouce Tampons
 Craveable Snack
 Ph Care 
 Pampering Items
 Beauty Items
 Bath or Body Item
 1 Month Free **(6 Month Subscription)
 VIP extras **(6 Month Subscription)
 Free Shipping Anywhere in the Philippines
your choice of tampons, pads, or a mix of both from your trusted femcare brands
*per month
  •  FREE Shipping
  •  Cancel anytime, no strings attached
3 months
*one off payment
  •  Free Delivery
  •  Save ₱100 per month
  •   One off payment
6 months
*one off payment
  •  Free Delivery
  •  1 month FREE
  •   One off payment
  •  Birthday treat
  •  VIP extras
FREE shipping anywhere in the Philippines!
  • No pressure         
  •  No contract         
  •  Cancel anytime  
May not apply to all, please see terms and conditions 
We're loved by...
Manila Millenial
Happy Days Club knows what their customers want and they make sure to add a personalized touch in each box they send out. I loved the random items in the boxes I've received for the past two months and I'm excited to see what else is in store for me in the future. 
As someone who dreads my time of the month each time, I can safely say that getting a box from Happy Days Club makes it a whole lot more bearable and, dare I say, something to look forward to.

So, go on, ladies! Treat yourself!
The Flawsome Lady
Finally, a subscription box that addresses the monthly struggles of being a woman! Each monthly box are unique. I love the fact that the tea included were from one of my favorite brand of tea. The box includes stuff which will surely lighten up your frustrations.
So what’s the catch?
Why should I get the Happy Days Starter box if I only want a sanitary pads?
It’s a way better deal. With a Starter Set, you get our best pads & liners AND trial-size products for less than the cost of all these items by itself. You don’t need a freaking calculator to see that’s a better deal.
Do I get all the Starter products in my box every single month?
Nope. Your first box includes Softexpads and the trial-size products. After that, we ship will ship Softex pads, tampons, feminine essentials, craevanle treats, surprise items every month or every other month. If you want to, you can upgrade to the Hip & Heart package. You’re probably going to want to do that because our products are amazing. 
Are sanitary pads good?
Is this a trick question? No. They’re freaking awesome. Who deosn't love HELLO KITTY ????? But don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself.
Why wouldn't I just buy pads at my local store?
There’s nothing worse than having your period only to realize that you forgot to go to the store for pads. That never happens to Happy Days Club ladies. We keep them stocked up on pads & liners — and anything else they might need to have a happy period. Stop forgetting to buy your pads everymonth!
Do I need to pay cancellation fees, shipping fee or other stupid fees?
No way. We don’t like fees any more than you do. You only have to pay for the package we ship you.
Didn’t we convince you? We knew you’d come around.

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